Cassandra Clare: Quick picspam photo diary


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So it has been an incredibly weird, strange, up and down couple of weeks — months even. I meant to try to keep updating through the publicity for the movie and so forth but all I had time to do was reblog gifsets and Instagram a few things. Beware, for there is picspam…


Vintage Badge

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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie after thoughts

It’s been 2 days after watching the movie. I decided to share my opinions about the long-waiting adaptation. Honestly I was really disappointed at the time after I watched it but after thinking about it for 2 days, it’s not really that bad. Over the internet, I can see very extreme comments on it, either “the best movie ever” or “no more sequel”.

*Spoiler alert*

I would like to make few points about what I think:

  • First half of the movie is really solid to introduce brief background of the characters and overview the plot of the whole series, I feel really touched to see the things from the books come to life
  • Fighting scenes are excellent, Jamie Campbell Bower really nailed that aspect of his character, over 4 months of training, good work; never get sick of Izzy’s fighting scene as well, Jemima West is perfect for the role, i beg the production team to give more shots to her
  • Settings.. oh my god, I am sure the crew have read the books again and again to get every detail right, the institute definitely amazed me
  • SIMON is just PERFECT! Robert Sheehan got our Simon Lewis perfectly right, funny and adorable, best mundane ever till City of Ashes (if you know what I mean, no spoiler)

I am sure the fans of the books would appreciate the hard work by the production team, but there are always some flaws.

  • NOT enough Alec, the movie omitted the whole “parabatai bonding” between Alec and Jace, which misleads the audience to think that Alec gets jealous of Clary only because of his love affection to Jace; plus there is almost no interaction between Alec and Izzy, my friends missed the point that they are siblings until I reminded them (I am sure everyone wants to see more of Kevin Zegers lol)
  • Magnus’s party scene is way too short for people to understand the downworlders, especially Magnus’s personality; everything jumps out so quickly, too much telling, not enough showing
  • Demi Lovato’s song is great, don’t get me wrong, but it ruined the greenhouse scene, the romantic scene turned out to be the most hilarious scene
  • Maybe I am too old for teenage love scene, the love connection between Jace and Clary is too rushed, it doesn’t flow naturally for the audience to believe they love each other in depth; Jace’s cheesy lines are just too much at some points. (Fingercross the chemistry between JCB and Lily Collins can take this to another level)
  • The part irritates me the most is the last scene when Valentine revealed the twist; it’s not overwhelming enough, the expressions by Jace and Clary are not really convincing to me; in the end, the portal is destroyed, then snow, ridiculous (or I don’t get why)

Movie can only last 2 or 3 hours, it will never satisfy all the fans with loads of details of the books. Some changes and the reveal of the twist which affects the whole series are okay to me. Great thanks to the cast and production team to make this movie happened. Of course, Cassandra Clare as well, for bringing me this fantasy of shadowhunters’ world. However, book lovers please be open minded to the changes.